Montmorency: Thief, Liar, Gentleman by Elenor Updale

493 is his number but only he knows his real name. After falling through a glass roof and being caught as a thief, a young surgeon uses 493 as a way to experiment with surgical techniques. When he learns of the new sewers under London, 493 hatches a scheme with the only one he could trust, Himself. Thus, as a thief and commoner, 493 becomes Scarper. Then, Montmorency, his other side as a gentleman, is the newest man around town, staying at the Marmarion Hotel. Will he be able to keep his double life a secret? Or will he go back to prision?

I am not as confident in my writing as the others, Beth Bayless and asbgirl12, but I am still going to try this. The book was really good. I liked the pacing, how the main character was likeable but not dull, the way that the author brought the characters to life in a way no other could. I kinda got carried away and read three more books in this series. I really had fun with it, imagining what everyone looked and sounded like based off of the way the author wrote. 9 out of 10.

I’ll review the others I read in a bit.