The Secrets Beneath by Kathleen Fuller

Synopsis: Something strange is going on in Middlefield and Bekah is determined to find out what it is. Fist, she sees a stranger sneaking around the deserted house next door. Then her cousin, Amanda, shows up to live with them for the school year, and no one will tell Bekah why. When Bekah starts asking questions, Mami and Daed tell her to mind her own business- about Amanda and the house next door. But Beka just can’t resist her curiosity. Just when she thinks she will be able to crack the case, she ends up putting herself in real danger. Are some secrets best left for God to resolve?

Kathleen Fuller is a really good author when it comes to simple plots and she has taken the cake. This is something that I had never read before when I first read it but now I find myself going back to it yet again. I think that I will start with my problems first.

I don’t like how Amanda is portrayed for the first part of the book. It makes her look like a whiny little brat and then it goes to her P.o.V and she is so different. I think this was supposed to be like one of the moments when someone realizes that they were judging someone unfairly. I also dislike how Bekah is so nosy. She comes off as one of the kids in school that always wants the gossip. I know she is supposed to be nosy but it gets annoying. I know that she was supposed to be the focus but I actually find the stories we don’t know a lot about better and more compelling.I personally feel like the focus should have been Amanda instead of Bekah. Amanda is going through a hard time and she is a lot more likable than Bekah is in my opinion.

But, giving credit where credit is due, this is an interesting book and I enjoyed it very much. The background characters were well developed if they were close to the plot. Everything falls into place and you see how the initial problems were resolved.

I would recommend it for those who want to see a little girl solve a mystery in the Amish country.


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