The Wanderer by Cherry Wilder and Kayta Reimann

Synopsis:Gael Maddoc is the child of struggling peasant crofters, the guardians of the Holywell. She leaps at the chance for a better life when she is offered training as a kedran, a mounted soldier. After a simple assignment as a traveling guard goes disastrously wrong, she seeks aid from the Shee to rescue her charges but the Shee–the dwindling long-lived Fair Folk– recruit her for their own purposes. Her nascent magical talents and her resourceful survival show her to be the Wanderer, a legendary figure for whom they’ve been watching.

I love the story within this tale, if you are a feminist you might like it but I don’t know that perspective so I will give you mine. As a woman who wants to see more women moving to boot men out of their little men’s world where they save the day all the time, I loved this book. Looking at it from the stand point of a woman who enjoys adventure with magic, I loved it, it was mysterious, adventurous, full of girl power with women taking charge for the most part and the plot flows to where you know what is going on. If you were a traditionalist, this might not be your type of book. That out of the way, I love how the main character only wants to find her own path, how she does not look for love but she still finds it on one of her quests. I love the imagery within this book and how it seems to come to life and how it always feels like I am in that world. One of my only two nitpicks is that we don’t get enough of the love interest she falls for. We don’t see him enough to see why she loves him other than his typical good nerd who wants to do what he loves. I wanted to see more of him. The other is that it feels rushed at the end where everywhere else, it felt slower. There are more words but it is more like they are just trying to get to a page limit and adding more description in areas where it is not really necessary. It is like boom, there’s the ex-machina, boom, there’s the group finding the prince, boom, Gael just got shot with an arrow, boom fast forward and she is seeing her king and offered a position of legend, boom, she just wants to wander, the end. It feels like it does have that what will happen next but that odd feeling of being in shock and wondering why it went by so fast. But, again, those are nitpicks, I am looking for a flaw that I can see. The main character has a humble origin, grows and changes through out the book, the side characters stay as that, side characters, the love is not the Disney Formula: see each other, wait one minute to three days, boom, you’re in love and getting married. I like how the authors were descriptive in some areas such as her adventures, but not so descriptive that it takes the feel away from the audience that they are not in that world but hearing of it.

I recommend this to anyone who likes fiction.


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