The Lady And The Tramp

Ok, its Disney so keeping my tissue box on my nightstand I rewatched this movie for this review and it wasn’t as sad as I thought it was when I was a kid.

Synopsis: Jim “Dear” and “Darling” have had Lady, their pedigree cocker spaniel, since she was a puppy. Using her charms on them, Lady has been a pampered part of their upper class life, which all three consider perfect and complete. Lady’s life takes a bit of a turn with the imminent addition of a baby into the household. Lady doesn’t really know what a baby is or means, but gets a lesson in such from her two neighborhood friends, Jock, a proper Scottish terrier, and Trusty, a hound who doesn’t realize that he may have lost his sense of smell. The baby’s arrival indirectly has an effect on Lady’s perfect life, most specifically when Aunt Sarah, with her two mischievous Siamese cats, comes to babysit. To escape this negative turn in her life, Lady eventually turns to Tramp, a mongrel she once met. Tramp lives a carefree life on the “wrong side of the tracks”, and is renowned within his circle as being one of the most resourceful dogs, who is able to escape capture from the dog catcher as being unlicensed. He is also known as a womanizer. As Lady and Tramp fall for each other, the question becomes whether their two divergent lifestyles can mesh together, and if so what form that will take.

Dislike first. I don’t really dislike anything but this is what I liked the least, the songs, while  good, aren’t as hum able as say Bareneccessitites. They are a ballad and a jazz tune. This is my opinion so leave off.

Now for everything else. The love story: I love it, it is real, it has arguments, it has stakes, it has no “We’ll be married in the morning” thing as in most other Disney movies. They start out disliking each other and end up falling in love over the course of what I presume to be months from the calendar transition to the baby shower. The animation: it is beautiful, as per usual for Disney. the backgrounds stay back grounds and yet it subtley adds to the story. The colors add to everything. Characters: I love how the characters are so different and relatable at the same time. It is nice to see a movie that is not set in some far off place and the animation lends to that, making it more believable. Music: the songs are good although not like others but the instrumentals are beautiful, accenting the colors and dialog.

I am sad to say that this is not my absolute favorite Disney movie, but I know that it is in my top 10 so go watch it this Christmas!


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