The Last Herald-Mage Trilogy: Book 2 Magic’s Promise Mercedes Lackey

Book 2 Synopsis: Magic’s Promise is the continuation of the tale from Magic’s Pawn. Van has returned after being on the front lines of war, losing his closest friends, and missing his lost lifebound, who had been killed years before. When he receives a letter asking for him to come home Van goes to avoid being sent out by his friend and king. But, this is not going to be a peaceful visit. Magic and politics tangle themselves as the newest Herald-to-be is thought to be a murderer. Memories and pain come back as Van tries to save the boy’s life and finally let go of his beloved.

Book 2 Review: I love the contrast of this book to the first. It has a more complicated plot and many questions are asked and answered. I think that the best part of this story is when Van finally starts letting go of his dead lifebonded who had been a Herald-Mage-in-training when they had met. The next best thing is the way that the character of the young prince who is chosen to be a new Herald of Valdemar grows. He is at the center of this story and the boy learns more about himself and his duties than he had ever known. I love how the pacing is so much slower than the first book had been until the end. The action scenes are still thrilling but you can see more detail than in the first book. I love the way that Lackey tries to show how much each of the characters is hurt or angered when they are. I suppose that the only downfall is that some of the side characters are a bit underdeveloped compared to the last time they were touched.


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