The Last Herald-Mage Trilogy: Book 1 Magic’s Pawn Mercedes Lackey

Magic’s Pawn is the tale of the young lord Vaneyl Ashkevron of the kingdom of Valdemar. When he gets in trouble with his father and is sent off to his great aunt for teaching and monitoring, he has no clue what to expect, certainly not falling in love with another man, learning that his music is not enough to become a bard, politics, and magic. The world of Valdemar’s Heralds and Companions sweeps Van along and turns it into his pawn through love, loss, rules, realizations, and adventure.

Book 1 Review: I love the way that this book sets things up in the beginning to be realized in the other two, it ties them together, creates a complex plot where there are grey areas and places where you can fill things in. I love how the imagery tells most of the story, especially when Lyndell dies. It doesn’t feel rushed although most of the plot happens in a different place. I love the way that Van’s character changes and grows the most.



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