Paint the Wind by Pam Munoz Ryan

A puzzling photograph, a box filled with faded towy horses, and a single fractured memory are all that Maya has left of her mother. In Grandmother’s house in California, she lives like a captive, tetered by Grandmother’s rules: No talk of her mother, no friends, no foolishness of any kind….until a shocking event changes everything. A world away, in the rugged Wyoming wilderness, a wild mustang galled Atremisia runs free, belonging only to the stars. In a land where mountain lions and wranglers pose an ever-present threat, she must vigilantly protect her new foal…until a devastating act separates her from their band. These two powerful female characters are brought together by fate and the past. Together, they hold the key to each other’s survival.

I very much enjoyed this book and its characters. The focus is kept where it should be, on the two female leads, and not on unimportant aspects of the story. The character development for Maya is realistic and she really grows as a person. The world is realistic and beautiful, the characters are realistic, and I could hardly put it down. I definately recommend this book to girls ages twelve to sixteen.


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